the look and feel of shoes on dancer’s feet

Tap dancers realise that the crisp sounds their shoes produce is what audiences love. Through their shoes, they demonstrate the skill they have in this unique dance style, so huge importance is given to the type of shoe scarpe da calcio alte¬†they use. When looking at tap dancing shoes, not only does the sound matter, but also the look and feel of it on dancer’s feet.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the types of taps on the shoes. For those who don’t know, a tap shoe has a metal toe and heel plate generally screwed to the leather underside of the shoe. When these plates hit the floor a crisp clicking sound is made.

There is only one type of tap plate used around the world and it still looks like the plates from the Broadway era. There are many manufacturers that have numerous sub-branded plates. Very much like car manufacturers and there different car name brands. Don’t be confused by tap plate branding like TeleTone, SuperTone or DuoTone. All make slightly different sounds but it’s not for the beginner to be concerned about. All are popular and widely used.
The tap plates are attached to the shoe with three small screws. These are adjustable by simply loosening them off to modify the type of sound that the tap makes when hit on the floor. Fifty years ago when Tony Adams, the world’s fastest tap dancer, started dancing the tap plates were two plates riveted together. These tap plate was very loosely screwed to the shoe soles and made a very light clicking sound. Today they are screwed very tight to the sole and make a duller sound.

The Shoes
Tap dancing shoes come in various styles and materials depending on their specific use, but are commonly found in plastic or leather, with black patent leather commonly used in the shoe upper.

The soles of the shoes scarpe calcio nike mercurial also come in various styles, since you can purchase a shoe that has a complete sole, or one that is split, allowing more flexibility in the foot movement, which is great for faster tap dance routines. The heels of tap shoes usually range between 0.75 of an inch up to about 2 inches.

You can make your own tap dancing shoes. Simply take any comfortable regular leather soled shoes and screw taps onto the bottom. You can purchase taps by themselves from most tap dancing stores, or just search for them online. If you are having trouble attaching the taps on yourself, just take them to a shoe store and most will screw them on while you wait.

Also, if you are keen to incorporate “toe stands” in your tap dancing performances, then you will require a tap shoe that is extra sturdy, with some sort of reinforced toe box so that it supports your feet when doing these.

Furthermore, if you can, definitely try different tap dancing shoes on before buying. This is by far the best way to get used to the shoes and give them a quick test run before purchasing. You will be spending a lot of time in these shoes, so it matters that the comfort and fit is right.